Stick to your plans, whatever life throws at you

We check on you regularly to ensure that you're on top of your To-Do list. 

How it works

The hardest part of working alone is sticking to your own plans

We will make you do more and better by making sure that you're not putting work off. This is how it works:

1. Tell us what you have to do. 

Pull out your massive to-do list and tell us your tasks and deadlines. Be precise. 

2. We make sure you do it. 

We'll ask you for tangible proof (photos and/or screenshots) that you have accomplished your tasks. If you procrastinate we will bug you until you get it done!


3. You get more done, every day. 

You consistently complete your to-do list and accomplish everything you want in life. 




Why would I want someone to supervise me?

Is this for me?