Stop postponing important stuff.

I'll check on you regularly to ensure that you're on top of your To-Do list.

How it works

👋 Hi! I'm Aleix. I'll make sure that you don't put off your own plans.


Step 1: Tell me your deadlines 📅

Share with me your to-dos via email, Whatsapp, and/or Telegram. It can be anything as long as it has a deadline: from finishing a work project for next month to going to the gym this evening.

Step 2: Do it and prove it 👀

Once you've completed a task, show me proof of it with a photo or screenshot. Don't worry, I delete them immediately and never ever share them. Planning world domination? No one will know.

Step 3: Achieve your goals (finally!) 💪

Keeping you accountable means you'll become a better and more reliable version of yourself. You'll be surprised how easily you'll achieve world domination!

"...but what if I keep procrastinating?"

...but what if I keep procrastinating?

Bad boy. No cookies for you!

Seriously though, I'll keep track of all your deadlines and won't ignore them. If you don't complete a task, I will ask you to re-schedule it and I'll insist until you complete it. If you're proficient in procrastinating I might get a bit annoying, but that's the point of all this.

If it's important for you, it's important for me that you do it.

Accountability for lone wolves

Accountability for lone wolves

The hardest part of managing your own time is sticking to your plans. Lack of accountability is one of the reasons it's challenging to be a solopreneur and/or freelancer (one of many reasons). You have plenty of stuff to do, life always wants to get on the way, and no-one is there to help you keep yourself on track. 


Yes, you could try asking friends or joining accountability groups. But here's the problem:  

  • Accountability groups require you to waste your time checking on others. If the point of this all is to use your limited time better, it doesn't make sense to waste it checking on people you don't care about.  
  • Friends flake after some time. That's ok - you don't want to mess up friendships by turning your friends into your supervisors.  

If I keep you accountable your goals and deadlines won't be ignored, and you won't have to keep track of anyone's tasks. It'll be all about you. Which leads us to...

What about other alternatives like asking friends, joining accountability groups, or using productivity apps?

For any kind of tasks 

You can share with me any kind of task, both professional and personal. The only requisite is that it has a deadline. Write me via email, Whatsapp, Telegram, and/or carrier pigeon* - whatever is the easiest for you at the moment. 

Once you've completed a task, show me a photo or screenshot to prove it. I know that sometimes that's not possible, like with confidential projects or phone calls. But you get the idea: prove it as much as you can. 

Here are some examples of tasks you could plan:  

  • Work at least 3h on a new design for Robert before 4 PM. 
  • Finish landing page by next Monday noon. 
  • Start working at 8 AM every day. 
  • Call mum before 8 PM. 
  • Go to the gym at 6 PM. 

Of course, I will never ever share any of your information. I will also delete all the images you send me immediately after checking them. No one will ever know about your world domination plans.

You don't need another productivity app 

There are plenty of productivity apps out there - if tried a ton of them myself. But here's the problem: it's too easy to ignore them.

What happens if you don't complete the to-dos you planned for today? Or if you don't send that uncomfortable email? Or if you skip the gym again?


You don't need another to-do list. You need something to make sure you actually DO. I'm not saying you should ditch your to-do list. Keep using it. But by keeping you accountable I'll make sure you do what's written there.


"You are 95% more likely to complete your goals if you're accountable to someone."

- American Society for Training and Development


Never miss a deadline again 

Nothing sabotages your career and relationships more than being unreliable.

Sticking to your to-dos means you'll become a more trustable individual. And if you're trustable, next time you start a new project or habit you (and others) will be confident that you can do it.

Get Started 🚀

*GoT fans can opt for a raven

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