Stick to your plans, whatever life throws at you. 

No apps. No groups. Just a real person dedicated to keeping you accountable.  


"You are 95% more likely to complete your goals if you're accountable to someone."

- American Society for Training and Development


How it works


👋 Hi! I'm Aleix and I'll make sure that you stick to your plans.



Step 1: Tell me your to-dos 📅

Share with me your to-dos via email, Whatsapp, and/or Telegram with a defined deadline. I will remind you of upcoming deadlines.

Step 2: Do it and prove it 👀

Once you've completed a task, prove it by sending me a photo or screenshot. Don't worry, I delete them immediately and never share them. Planning world domination? No one will know.

Step 3: Achieve your goals (finally!) 💪

Getting things done means you will feel more accomplished and people will trust you. You'll be surprised how easy it can be to get more done!

"...but what if I keep procrastinating?"

...but what if I keep procrastinating?

Bad boy. No cookies for you!

Seriously though, I'll keep track of all your deadlines and won't ignore them. If you don't complete a task, I will ask you to re-schedule it and I'll insist until you complete it. If you're proficient in sabotaging your own plans I'll ask you to reconsider your priorities. I will be annoying if you procrastinate, but that's the point of all this.

If it's important for you, it's important for me that you do it.

Let's see an example: 

(Name and images are fictitious. Tasks and results are real.)

Accountability for lone wolves

Efficient accountability for independent people

CheckWise is not for everyone. You should only use this service if:

  • ☑️ You manage your own time - you're a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or a self-managed employee. 
  • ☑️ You need to be consistently productive even when you have uncomfortable tasks to do that you feel tempted to postpone. 
  • ☑️ You want to make better use of your limited time.

The hardest part of securing your hard-earned freedom is sticking to your plans. You have plenty of stuff to do, life always wants to get in the way, and no-one is there to keep you on track.  

I'm here to fix this. 


Yes, you could try asking friends or joining accountability groups. But here's the problem:  

  • ❌ Accountability groups require you to waste your time checking on others. And in most groups, no-one really pushes you once you start getting off-track.   
  • ❌ Friends often flake after the initial excitement fades away. That's ok - you don't want to mess up friendships by turning your friends into your supervisors.  

If I keep you accountable your deadlines won't be ignored and you won't have to keep track of anyone else's tasks. It'll be all about you.

What about other alternatives like asking friends, joining accountability groups, or using productivity apps?

If you can plan it, I'll make sure you do it

I will check on you Monday to Friday unless you tell me that you're taking days off.

By the end of each working day:

  • You send proof of completion of your due tasks. If you haven't accomplished a due task, define a new deadline for it. 
  • You plan and send new tasks, be it for the following day or further in the future. 

I'll send you my feedback during your night-time so that you can see it the next morning.


You can keep using your favorite productivity apps 

Are you using Todoist? Beeminder? Habitica? Google Tasks? 

Good. Keep using them. Simply let me know your tasks - regardless of where you have them written down - and I'll make sure you do them for real. If you don't use any productivity app, that's fine. It's not necessary to use any to start using CheckWise. 

I'm not a bot, I'm a real person (as far as I know). So what you'll get from me is the human accountability element that software can't give you: The human push that independent workers like us are missing because of the nature of our work and life.

Never miss a deadline again 

Nothing sabotages your career and relationships more than being unreliable.

Sticking to your to-dos means you'll become a more trustable individual. And if you're trustable, you (and others) will be confident that you handle whatever life throws at you.


Let's Get Things Done 🚀

I'm temporarily offering the service for free (normally it's $100/month). Why? Because I'm testing new ways to improve how I help my users and I need as much feedback as possible.

If you were ever curious about trying CheckWise, now it's the moment. The only thing I ask you is honest feedback.